Dance classes with Isa Inca, centrally located in Kihei right by Kukui Mall (RSVP 808-205-6268 for address)! All classes are absolute beginners level, and all ages are welcome. Isa Inca has experience teaching kids and special needs as well. Watch the sunset and the moon and stars come out in this gorgeous outdoor dance space! Add yourself to the email list or join the Facebook Group, "Dance Classes with Isa Inca" for updates!

Try the first class for FREE!
(Kama'aina Special)
$20 drop in, $5 off if you refer a friend!

Punch cards:
4 classes: $70 ($17.50 per class)

8 classes: $120 ($15 per class)
The punch cards can be applied to all the classes.

Payment methods:
Cash, check, credit card or Bitcoin.

Private sessions:
The space is also available to rent for workshops, seminars and classes, etc. Please inquire for more details.
This dance space was built from scratch with savings that my husband and I worked hard for, so if you feel inspired to donate, it would be greatly appreciated!
Pilates - Mat Level 1 (Mondays, 6:30-7:30 PM):
Pilates Mat Workout - Level 1, no props, only body resistance. Pilates is a popular form of exercise influenced by yoga, acrobatics, and martial arts. It works miracles (quickly!) when it comes to improving posture, core strength and stability in the pelvic floor. Great for neck pain, back pain and sciatica. You'll be amazed at how much you can improve in just one hour! PLEASE BRING a yoga mat, comfortable clothing and water. You will leave feeling taller, stronger and more balanced!
Old School Hip Hop/Jazzfunk (Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30 PM):
This is a super FUN 1-hour class blending Jazzfunk and Hip Hop, focusing on isolations, choreography and traditional Old School Hip Hop moves. You will leave feeling empowered, free and cool!

Belly-dance Drills & Technique (Thursdays & Saturdays, 6:30-7:30 PM):
The first hour (6:30-7:30 PM) is focused on technique, strengthening the core and entire body, sculpting an "hour-glass figure", opening up areas in which we feel stuck, improving posture, body awareness and control. You will leave feeling powerful, serene and happy! It's the "Hip Way to Get Fit" through Belly-dance drills and isolations!

Belly-dance Choreography (Thursdays & Saturdays, 7:30 -8 PM):
For those of you who are interested in learning a Bellydance choreography (and even performing!), you can stay an extra 30 min (7:30-8 PM) for an additional $5 (or $30 for 10 classes).

You will have the chance to connect with the other wonderful women in the class and experience the sisterhood that Belly-dance brings.
  1. Belly-dance Drum Solo Choreography TUTORIAL
    Belly-Dance Drum Solo tutorial. Choreography by Elvia & Isa Inca. Music by Dr. Samy Farag.
    Tutorial of Isa Inca's Belly-dance choreography to Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie" with music.
  3. "HIPS DoN'T LIE" choreography tutorial (BREAKDOWN)
    Breakdown tutorial of Isa Inca's Belly-dance choreography to Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie".
  4. "Entrance of the Stars" Choreography
    Egyptian Cabaret Belly-dance Choreography by Melanya, performed by Raks Shakti.
New Moon Goddess Meditation Gatherings:

This monthly New Moon Goddess Circle is for all women who want connect more with their inner power and other sisters. It is part of a network called "Global Sisterhood" (more info: ) Whether you’ve attended a women’s circle before or this is your first time, you are welcome to join. No previous meditation or women’s circle experience is needed - come exactly as you are! There will be a guided meditation, writing exercise, sharing, chocolate, tarot cards and dancing! PLEASE BRING something comfortable to sit on and something to write on. Donations for the time and space are greatly appreciated but not required.

Gift certificates available! Email to order for your friends and family!

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"Isa is a phenomenal teacher and holds a wealth of expertise with such grace and ease. She is attentive and generous with her knowledge, making this a great experience for all her students, no matter what their level! Maui is lucky to have her!"
~ Zariah Art, Pilates/Belly-dance/Hip Hop Student

"The Hip Hop class was perfect and the fun part was watching everyone get their groove on. Isa has the right patience and a soothing easy vibe while teaching.  The dance space is adorable and perfect and I will refer people for sure!"
~ Alan Canon, Hip Hop Dancer & Teacher

"Isa makes Pilates easy and fun! I felt like I was able to sink into each exercise and really learn the correct way to move my body, instead of trying to power through to keep up. The pace of the class was perfect for me and I will be back for sure!"

~ Fawni Ruhf, Pilates Student

"We took Isa's Hip Hop class and it was fantastic! We had a lot of fun while getting a workout, at the same time being taught all of the different types of Hip Hop moves. Isa's a really good teacher! She takes her time with you. We are most definitely going back!"

~ Shawn & Julia Hobbs, Hip Hop Students

"Isa Inca has a perfect outside Maui studio for a fun and well taught beginners Belly-dance class. It was a great workout with wonderful work on isolations and precision for any level of dancer. I can't wait to try the choreography class ;) Thanks Isa"
~ Pamela Turner, Belly-dance Student

"The Belly-dance class is wonderful! So fun, and sweet vibe to where each of us can feel in touch with our sensual goddess.
Thank you, Isa!"
~ Jessica Bella, Belly-dance Student

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Belly-dance class with Isa. The environment was incredibly supportive, which was great since I felt a little self-conscious. It's a wonderful workout and I enjoyed meeting and connecting with other like-minded people through the class. I'm definitely planning on continuing as part of my journey."
~ Lila Jones, Belly-dance Student

"If you want to tone your obliques at the LEAST... I recommend Isa Inca and her belly-dance class or any of her other classes. I can personally say my obliques have never been so worked."
- Laura Cole, Belly-dance Student

"Precision Pilates workout designed by Isa. It doesn't get better than that!"
~Lorraine Barrie, Pilates/Belly-dance/Hip Hop Student

"Beautiful environment with awesome structure and  lighting. Loved the music choice. Isa was very informative and helped explain the Pilates moves well. For a beginner I was able to do all the exercises, but for myself having sciatica and Osteogenesis imperfecta I had to be a little careful to not hurt myself. All the ladies were very welcoming and loving. I have no complaints!!"
~ Brittney Lancaster, Pilates Student

"Isa's classes are fun and playful. I'm learning abouot muscles I didn't even know I had! When she teaches moves, she breaks them down slowly and provides good insight to body awareness. I look forward to learning more from hher so I can WOW my sweetheart with new moves!"
~ Victoria Chicca, Belly-dance Student

"The Hip Hop moves are so much fun and I love how Isa breaks it down for us! I love the music and the choreography!! Looking forward to it next week!"
~ Margi Calder, Belly-dance/Hip Hop Student

"Thank for the choreography class today! it was so fun! I'm going to be shimmying to "Hips Don't Lie" for the next few days!"
~ Christalynn Tabb, Belly-dance Student

"Isa Inca is an AMAZING teacher! I am grateful to know her!"
~ Shantal Catanach, Belly-dance Student

"Thank you honey, it was awesome and eye opening on so many levels! You are amazing!!!"
~ Heidi Haltiner, Belly-dance Student

"Thank you, Isa! Loved the burn and stretch!"
~ Bev Barnum, Pilates Student

"Nice class! I'll be making this a regular stop ;)"
~ Mateo Manzari, Pilates Student