1. Flight of the Phoenix
    A beautiful and intriguing belly-dance solo choreographed by Isa Inca representing the phoenix rising from the ashes.
  2. Ring of Fire
    A dramatic belly-dance solo choreographed by Isa Inca with fan veils to Adam Lambert's version of "Ring of Fire". Historic Iao Theatre, Maui 2013 at the Kit Kat Club's "Phantome" Halloween show.
  3. Belly-dance Drum Solo
    A fun and impressive drum solo to music by Dr. Samy Farag. Choreography by Elvia and Isa Inca.
  4. Leopard Belly-dance Solo
    A fun leopard belly-dance solo performed and choreographed by Isa Inca to the "Pink Panther" theme.
  5. Cheshire Cat Solo
    A fun and flirty improvised belly-dance solo, impersonating the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. Performed at the Historic Iao Theatre, Halloween 2014 as a part of the Kit Kat Club’s Burlesque Tim Buton-themed show.
  6. Dance Medley - Promo
    Promotional video for Isa Inca featuring her own "Dance Medley". Watch full length version of live dance performance next.
  7. Dance Medley - Live
    Full length dance performance of Isa Inca's "Dance Medley", a 7-minute number featuring 5 different dance styles (Hip Hop, Swing, Salsa, Modern/Contemporary and Jazz) and lots of exciting costume changes!
  8. Harps & Horns Festival
    Isa Inca performs her own Flamenco & Baroque dance interpretations from the 1600's, at the Annual Maui Harps & Horns Festival at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center 2014, hosted by Ginny Morgan.
  9. Fleetwood at the MACC
    Isa Inca performs with Mick Fleetwood, Rick Vito, Willie K, Eric Gilliom, Carlos Garcia, Mark Johnstone, Lenny Castellanos & Maui Zenshin Taiko Drummers at the Maui Arts & Culteral Center 2014, Grand Finale "Tusk”.
  10. Fever
    Isa Inca sings the old jazz standard “Fever”. She sometimes does this following her Leopard belly-dance performance.
  11. Sword Dance
    A captivating and dramatic Sword dance by Isa Inca at the Iao Theatre. Footage by IncaBlue Productions.
  12. "Shake Your Bones" Music Video
    Isa Inca is a featured dancer in the Throwdowns' music video "Shake Your Bones", 2011.
  13. "Happy I Am" Modern/Contemporary DanCE
    An original Modern/Contemporary solo, choreographed in Isa Inca's last year of high school (2006) when studying dance at a Performing Arts school in Stockholm. It portrays the different phases and emotions we go though during a life-changing, personal transformation.